Balance your mind, body & soul with wellness and pleasure

Conscious Hedonist was created for the masses seeking the salty sweat of a yoga class, the chronic chill of cannabis, the inner peace of meditation, the delight of wine on the tongue, and delicious food in the belly.

Our classes, workshops and retreats aim for a holistic balance of wellness and pleasure, a rare feat in a world consumed by extremes. 

From Sexy Flow Yoga to Medicine Movement with Cannabis, our offerings peel back the layers of traditional classes.

Our retreats offer a more immersive experience of the Conscious Hedonist lifestyle, with gorgeous scenery and accommodations, scrumptious, fresh food, personalized yoga practices, wine tastings and seminars, cannabis sampling and discussions, with daily meditation and mindful integrations. Why have a retreat of only wine or only yoga, when most of us love both?

Upcoming Workshops